Repcor Southern California Primary Contact

Edmund A. Gray Company is pleased to notify our customers that Scott Green is Repcor's newest Southern California Team Member. Scott brings his vast knowledge of the Southern California and Southern Nevada territories as well as unparalleled product knowledge to the Repcor team and E.A.Gray is proud to have him continue to represent our company for years to come. Congratulations Scott!

If you are one of our Valued
Southern California or Southern Nevada Customers, and have questions about this, or need assistance with Edmund A. Gray Company products or services, please reach out to Scott Green at scottg@repcor1.com or via phone at (714)315-5917.

Please join us in welcoming Scott to both the Repcor and EAGray teams!

Repcor now covering ALL of California and Nevada for EAGray

Edmund A. Gray Company appreciates our long-standing relationship with Repcor, as they have represented our company in Northern California and Northern Nevada for almost four decades. (For those not familiar, they are one of our Outstanding Outside Sales Representative Agencies.)

So, with great enthusiasm we are excited to announce that, as Repcor is expanding their presence to cover the entire state(s) of California and Nevada, Edmund A. Gray Company is thrilled to have Repcor now represent us throughout their entire, newly expanded territory.

This expansion will bring some new faces to their team, as well as adding some familiar faces you may already know. As this is a 'new' opportunity for both EAGray and Repcor, we will be announcing developments, as they occur, via email and our website.  So please stay tuned for exciting news updates as they are released!

Please reach out to us with any questions you might have about this exciting change.
We hope your New Year is off to a good start!
Thank you for your continued support of Edmund A. Gray Company!


To Our Valued Customers:

As a result of the ongoing increases we all are seeing in the costs of raw materials, finished goods,  labor, and transportation, as well as the continuing disruptions in the global supply chain, brought on by the pandemic and tensions abroad, Edmund A. Gray Company finds it necessary to implement the following pricing changes, effective June 6, 2022.   

Click here to open the pdf in a new tab or right-click and “Save-As…” to download a copy.

As with previous changes, we have carefully considered these numbers and continue to share in the burden of an increase by absorbing some of it.  With this in mind, we reserve the right to limit order volume based on historic purchasing patterns.

New spreadsheet versions of the list price sheets will be available for download soon from the EAGray website at eagray.com.  PDF versions will follow.  Please contact your local EAGray Sales Rep or our offices directly, should you have any questions or require additional info.

Edmund A. Gray Company remains dedicated to providing our valued customers with quality, service, and competitive pricing.  On behalf of all Edmund A. Gray Company employees, we thank you for your continued support.

Edmund A. Gray Company, Inc.