Commitment to Quality

The Edmund A. Gray Company is dedicated to providing the best possible goods and services available in its industry. Our goal is to provide goods and customer service that are plainly superior to those available from other organizations.

The quality of our services begins at the time business is solicited by our sales representatives and continues through our inside sales department, production department, warehouse and shipping department and is not concluded until our customer is satisfied with our products and performance.

The quality of our product begins with the purchase of only the highest fabrication quality pipe available at competitive prices. This pipe must meet all applicable standards and specifications and will be inspected accordingly, upon arrival (e.g.: welded steel pipe: ASTM A-53, etc.).

All pipe nipples manufactured by Edmund A. Gray Company are made to conform to the federal (WWN 351, as amended) and industry specifications (ASTM A-733-89, as amended and ANSI B1.20.1). In our quest to manufacture the highest quality pipe nipples available, the gauging techniques utilized at Edmund A. Gray Company are more stringent than those outlined in the previously mentioned specifications.

Potential production machine operators are trained to our standards for a minimum of six (6) months before being considered able to perform to those standards without continuous supervision.

Finished pipe nipples are individually, visually inspected at the packing department, prior to being cartoned/bundled. The packers take extreme care to ensure that correct quantity is carefully placed in the appropriate container or bundle in order to maintain the quality of both the product and the packaging.

The warehouse, shipping and will-call staff ensures that each and every order is given the highest level of importance. We continually strive to maintain our excellent reputation for providing top quality products with the best turn-around time, fill rate and accuracy in our industry.

Our commitment to quality includes every person in every job throughout this company. Each employee is responsible for his/her own performance and is expected to perform his/her specific job to the best of their abilities.

With the commitment and help of all persons involved, our goal is real and attainable.