Sale Representative Change

March 28, 2018

To Our Valued Customers: .

We are pleased to announce that, as of April 1, 2018,
Delco Sales and their staff
are the new Sales Representative for Edmund A. Gray Company in the following territories….

Southern California, Clark County, Nevada, & The Hawaiian Islands


Delco Sales has an outstanding reputation and strong presence in the Plumbing, Industrial and Irrigation markets and we know that you, our most important assets, will be cared for with the attention and professionalism you deserve..

Please welcome your
Delco Sales representative when he or she stops by to make you aware that they are part of our sales team. We realize that it will take some time to fully familiarize the members of the Delco Sales team of all the products and services we have available but, once we have accomplished this, we believe they will be a great business source for you to rely upon. In the meantime, when you need anything or have any questions, please contact us directly, as you have in the past.

Other than this change, please know that all else is “business-as- usual” and we look forward to servicing your account as well as, or better than, ever.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. We look forward to the opportunity to be of service to you.


Edmund A. Gray Co., Inc.
Lawrence C. (Larry) Gray, Jr.

March Pricing Changes



To Our Valued Customers:

The Edmund A. Gray Company prides itself on our efforts to maintain market stability in our industry and, as such, has not increased our list prices in almost four years. During that time, we have continued to experience increases in the costs of raw materials, energy, labor, regulatory compliance and finished goods from our suppliers.

More recently, with the lastest news and uncertainty out of Washington DC, some of our suppliers have implemented unprecedented increases in both raw materials and finished goods. Additionally, our industry has seen multiple list price increases over the last three years, totaling over 25% in some categories.

We, unfortunately, are no longer able to absorb these continuing increases and so, at this time, the Edmund A. Gray Company finds it necessary to increase list prices on many of our products. The products affected by this list price increase and the approximate percentage of increase are as follows:

Pipe Nipples: ~ % Change
Steel (All Schedules and Finishes) 15%
PVC (Sch.80) Plastic 15%
CPVC (Sch.80) 10%
Aluminum 15%

Pipe Fittings: ~ % Change
Malleable Iron 15%
Wrot Copper 10%
Merchant Steel Fittings 20%
Merchant Steel Couplings 20%

These pricing changes will take effect at the end of business on Friday, April 27, 2018.
(New prices will be in effect on Monday April 29th.)

New pricing will be available for download on or before Monday April 2, 2018, at www.eagray.com, as well as by request from our sales reps in each of your territories when they are calling on you, and via email requests sent to them, or sent directly to sales@eagray.com.

Based on purchasing history, we reserve the right to limit orders or order volumes prior to April 27, 2018. Please call us or email
sales@eagray.com with any special information requests or questions you may have.

We are proud to be able to service your needs by shipping accurate and complete orders, offering the high product quality and service levels available in our industry, at competitive prices. On behalf of the Edmund A. Gray Company and its employees, we thank you for your continued support.

Edmund A. Gray Company